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Peruse the insightful information listed within each segment below of Diana’s primary services and hear from past clients stories who have experienced a multitude of benefits from engaging with Diana. 

Emotions & Mood 

Mood disorders are becoming more common in both children and adults. Individuals require more than an anti depressant or anti anxiety pill to truly address the health issues contributing to imbalanced mood conditions. 

Naturopathically we consider the physical, mental and emotional body all as equally important when it comes to optimal health. Diet, lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies and living out of congruence with the self can all contribute to becoming stuck in unhealthy emotional patterns. Whilst there is a time and place for orthodox medication to help with mood disorders, Diana has supported many to rebalance themselves to the point of no longer needing pharmaceuticals for mood support.

“When I came to Diana she knew instantly what was the issue as if it was that obvious! She gave me a health plan and off I went. After 2 weeks I felt completely normal. For the first time in 15 years I was no longer experiencing the symptoms. I felt like I was experiencing my daily life like everyone else was which gave validation to my health issues. I kept waiting for the symptoms to come but they didn’t. I didn’t know what to do with myself. For me this was a massive break through and I can’t thank Diana enough”


Weight Loss

 A weight loss program will be prescribed according to your current health status and weight loss goals. Dietary and nutritional advice, lifestyle counselling and herbal medicine can all play an important role in a weight loss program. There are a number of approaches available for weight-loss clients and for those that require specialised support, motivation and accountability.


I’ve seen a number of naturopaths over the years.  I’d been struggling with weight fluctuations for a number of years and couldn’t find any answers that helped me understand the cause.  Diana was amazing at quickly being able to identify a number of underlying health issues and worked out a treatment plan that suited my hectic lifestyle.  I successfully lost weight, regained my energy and resolved my depression. 


I initially weighed 89.80kg and on my last consultation I weighed 83.80kg. The accountability factor has been great as to see rapid improvements. I have so much energy again and will continually see Diana once a month to keep accountable. With discipline, exercise and a great coach such as Diana it is a great investment into your own health and well being.

Good health is one of most important aspects to leading a productive and prosperous life. One of the best decisions I made was to see Diana and I would recommend her to everyone as I already have, to see an improvement in preventative health.”

Jerry Van Wyk

Natural Fertility

 Diana has a special interest in pre-conceptual and pregnancy care. Couples who are having trouble conceiving or those that simply want to obtain the best possible health for conception and pregnancy are educated about up to date research about diet and lifestyle to promote fertility.

Ideally pre-conceptual care needs to start a minimum of 4 months before a conception occurs. Women are educated in detail about their cycle so hormonal balance and effective ovulation and timing can be achieved. Herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation are often used to regulate the cycle, improve the timing of ovulation, balance hormones and increase the chances of conception. Male reproductive health is also addressed with diet/lifestyle advice specific to sperm health and if required, nutrient deficiencies are corrected and herbal medicine is prescribed to improve semen parameters.

Naturopathic medicine works very effectively alongside IVF and other assisted fertility options. IVF Australia has recognized the benefits of working together with naturopaths and most fertility specialists part of IVF and Genea in Sydney are now working integratively with naturopaths for the benefit of their patients. 

New fertility clients are encouraged to book the 1.5 hour initial consultation option to allow adequate time to discuss natural fertility options

From the first moment I met Diana I felt comfortable, she was so thorough and really got to know me and my back ground!  I started keeping a food journey, taking supplements and a tailored herbal drink to help balance my hormones. 

With her suggestion I also started tracking my basal body temperature. After my second natural cycle we were delighted to finally see two pink lines! We managed to conceive naturally, with out medication and medical intervention! I’m currently 22 weeks with our first son! I was also so happy to see healthy ovaries with out a trace of any cysts during my ultra sound! I’m so thankful for finding Diana and sharing this journey with her! Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams of starting a family a reality! 


Thank you Diana, your comprehensive approach and inquisitiveness have helped me understand and regulate my hormonal system so we were able to not only conceive but also carry to term our beautiful baby boy Hendrix. You are very caring and available.


Diana was a very kind and straight talking practitioner which is what I needed after three years of trying for another baby with different naturopaths all saying that they could achieve what we wanted no problem.

Diana knew we were starting the IVF process, and instead of trying to do what obviously wasn’t going to happen naturally, she said I can support you through this process and offer ideas and suggestions on your diet and vitamins and emotional journey when you need support in these areas. We worked together on all these without any pressure and then when I fell pregnant she supported my pregnancy with supplements and diet ideas that helped my body and the growing baby.

I would definitely recommend Diana as I find her honest, easy to talk to, and always able to listen to me when I told her what was and wasn’t working for me.  Result: healthy, bouncing baby girl.  Thanks Diana.


Healthy Ageing & Disease Prevention 

 Vitality, longevity and healthy ageing is a reflection of what we eat, drink, think and how we move our bodies. A full health assessment can point to areas of our diet and lifestyle that need addressing.

The foundations of health include nutrition, water, sleep, exercise and de-stressing/joy and happiness. Ensuring all of these areas are balanced in life will contribute to a happier, healthier life and Diana can help redirect you back on a healthier path no matter how far off the path you may feel. A fresh set of eyes and a new approach can rekindle motivation and turn your health around.

My analysis with Diana was the turning point for me in achieving my well being goals.  Under her watchful care and support, I have lost weight, gained energy and have a renewed zest for life!  Focusing on a high protein, well balanced diet and taking time to relax has helped me gain back over 4 years of my life!   

Simone – Kidz on the Coast Magazine


There are many facets to immune health, and a healthy immune system is important for a healthy and long life. The two main areas of the immune system which respond beautifully to naturopathic prescription is the part that deals with infection and the part that is involved with auto-immune responses in the body.

Repetitive infection in the respiratory or gastrointestinal system in adults and children is often very responsive to naturopathic treatment resulting in less time off school and work, and improvement in many other areas of life.

Health issues connected to auto-immune responses in the body are increasing at an alarming rate. Naturopathic medicine aims to relieve symptoms, support the targeted organ as well as addressing the underlying cause of the auto-immune condition. Stress, inflammation and infection have all been linked to auto-immunity. 

Diana has addressed a number of health concerns and issues and has best prepared my family with a healthy strong immunity through herbal, practitioner based treatments. We have had nine years of flu-free winters, and although we lead busy lives still manage to feel energetic and have a positive outlook on our overall well being. 

Diana is attentive to our needs at all times and ensures she has a complete knowledge of her clients background and lifestyle to best diagnose recommendations for their treatment plan. Her expertise, genuine care, professionalism and support is ongoing and we are truly thankful to be part of the Avoca naturopath family. 


Diana is amazing. I stumbled across Diana by word of mouth and she is such a passionate, beautiful soul and listens to your every concern. After nearly 4 weeks of seeing her im feeling like a new person. So much more energy and my auto immune disease has settled dramatically using natural/herbal medicines which i never thought possible. I am a happier and healthier mumma thanks to Diana. Cant recommend her enough.


I was diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After finding out I was pregnant with my third child, I was still suffering with a list of symptoms and ongoing fatigue. Being concerned of how this would affect myself and unborn child I made an appointment with Diana and after 6 months I can not only say that I am symptom free, I have also recently given birth to a very healthy baby girl. I cannot thank you enough for your help in giving me my health and happiness back as well as educating me along the way with healthier natural alternatives for myself and family. You have been a blessing for not only myself but my children as they now have their old mum back!


Gastro Intestinal Health   

The health of the gastrointestinal tract is a primary concern when addressing any disease process in the body. It links our body to the outside world and is responsible for breaking down and absorbing all that we put into the body. If it isn’t functioning properly, it’s only a matter of time before other areas of health will suffer.

Naturopaths have focused on microbiome and gut health for decades and finally science is now able to prove what has long been known about the intimate connection and significant impact our digestive health has on our overall well being. Science has shown links between immune health, brain health and cardiovascular health (just to name a few) with gastrointestinal health. Irritable bowel (IBS), constipation, repetitive gut infection, bloating, ulceration and inflammatory bowel disease all respond favourably to naturopathic treatment.

Gastrointestinal (GI) mapping or comprehensive digestive stool analysis can be arranged if required for complex gastrointestinal cases. A stool sample is taken to measure the health of the gut microbiome and other indicators of digestion, absorption, infection and inflammation. Specific treatment plans can be confidently prescribed based on actual results of what is going on for that individual.

A short note to say thank you. I arrived in your practice after nearly 2 years of misery, in fact I cried the whole way through the first consultation. I had been to 3 different doctors, a gastroenterologist and a surgeon and after your guidance and help I am back to being myself again. Pain gone, bloating gone, my whole gastrointestinal system back to working. I am able to exercise and enjoy my life again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


When our doctor’s advice was “she’ll grow out of it” to our five year old’s stomach aches and bowel problems I decided we needed to investigate further. Diana’s advice and guidance has led us to discover the source of my daughter’s pain and enabled us to manage it to the point where she suffers no pain at all any more. I could not recommend Diana more highly as I have already done and will continue to do so.   



If you want to learn how to manage your reproductive hormonal health naturally without synthetic hormones or intrusive devices, there are scientifically proven methods to help you achieve this. From the beginning of menstruation through conception/contraception to menopause, a naturopathic approach incorporates addressing symptoms, underlying cause and long term health.

Many women that have been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and/or polycystic ovarian syndrome are often automatically told that they may not be able to have children, or may have major difficulties conceiving. To be told this blanket statement is damaging to a woman’s mind, and is certainly more destructive than healing. Although it may be the case for a small percentage of women left untreated, it is far from the truth for many women diagnosed with this condition. Polycystic ovaries (PCO) and polycystic ovarian syndrome is not a permanent condition, and with an accurate diagnosis and correct treatment, the body can be supported back into healthy fertile balance. The sooner it’s diagnosed and treated, the better because if left untreated for a long time it can affect fertility and significantly increase the chance of developing diabetes.

A naturopathic approach to treating a woman with PCO/S will not be as easy as just taking a pill to temporarily deal with the issues, but rather time will be taken to address the underlying cause of the issue. The naturopathic approach involves educating the woman about the underlying causes of the condition and then addressing these underlying causes, often with a combination of nutritional and lifestyle advice, as well as herbal medicine when required. It is about creating balance back into the body. 

Before seeing Diana I had been on the Pill for over 10 years. Once I decided to go off the Pill I did not get a period. I left this for over a year (thinking it would come back) before I went to see a GP. I was told that this was normal and that I should have an ultrasound to see if I had poly-cystic ovaries (PCO). The ultrasound confirmed that this was the case. My GP said that I would not get my period back, there was nothing I could do about this and if/when I wanted to have a baby I would have to take injections of Clomid to stimulate ovulation – I was 26 years old.

Unhappy with this prognosis, a friend (thankfully) referred me to Diana. She gave me liquid herbs and within 6 weeks I had my period back and within a year I had regular 28 day cycles each month. Diana also prescribed me with some herbs to combat painful periods due to PCO and now I have no pain at all!

I could not recommend Diana more highly, to any woman who is having difficulty with PCO or periods generally. She is extremely knowledgeable, know’s what works and most of all is caring and kind to all of her patients. 


I was suffering from PCOS and as a result I had absent or very irregular periods. I had already had one miscarriage which was extremely distressing. I had tried a fertility drug just prior to seeing Diana that had wreaked havoc with my body on every level. I was simply told by a fertility specialist that my only chance to conceive a baby due to being 37 and having PCOS was via IVF.

Then I met Diana! On my first meeting with Diana I felt an instant confidence in her abilities. Diana was extremely knowledgeable about PCOS and women’s fertility.She understood my challenges but remained positive that I would conceive naturally which was refreshing to hear from someone else and not just my own dreams! With some dietary changes,an increase in exercise and some herbal supplementation along with Diana’s ongoing support my cycle began to regulate and my body began to heal itself. Within 6 months of seeing Diana I was pregnant! Diana remained with me on my pregnancy journey from preconception to the post natal period. Under her knowledgeable guidance I had an easy pregnancy with not one complication.



Natural medicine has so much to offer women moving through the transition of menopause. Professionally and accurately prescribed herbal medicine can be very effective in reducing symptoms such as anxiety and/or depression, hot flushes, insomnia and fatigue just to name a few. It has also been shown that many men go through their own hormonal balancing act during mid-life referred to as Andropause, and can also respond well to nutritional and herbal medicine prescription.

Diana has helped me enormously to manage my menopause symptoms over a number of years. Thanks to her skills and knowledge I have been able to avoid taking the HRT route, which I really didn’t want to do. At times my symptoms have re-emerged and become quite severe, but Diana has always been able to suggest alternative strategies and medications that have slowly but surely brought back equilibrium. As well as being highly skilled, she is also warm, caring and understanding – all of which are very important qualities in a health practitioner. I’m extremely grateful to have had her working with me during this challenging phase of my life.   


Menopause sucks….but it doesn’t have to. After enduring sleepless nights, sweating, erratic hot flushes and mental fog something needed to change. Diana prescribed her magical herbal concoction and over a relatively short period of time I am now human and functioning normally and have been reducing my dosage and maintaining my lack of symptoms. Hello life…..apparently those closest to me think I’m human again! 



Thyroid health has recently become a particular area of interest for Diana. She completed a post-graduate thyroid master class course in 2015 through Research Nutrition. Consequently she is successfully supporting patients with under or overactive thyroid disease.

Pathology results are very important however if your pathology tests have returned a ‘normal’ thyroid, yet you still feel all the symptoms of an over/underactive thyroid, don’t be disheartened as there is so much from a naturopathic perspective that can be done to improve your health physically, emotionally and mentally.

My thyroid wasn’t functioning properly and Diana prescribed supplements for me. I feel 100% better, my pathology results improved and I’m back to my normal weight – Thank you Diana. 



Clients with cancer are offered integrative care and support. Whether recently diagnosed, currently receiving chemotherapy, radiation therapy or post treatment, there is a lot that can be done to support our clients during this time.

Goals to support those with a cancer diagnosis include:

  1. Reduce side effects of treatment
  2. Enhance efficacy of chemotherapy, radiation or hormonal therapy.
  3. Alter the ‘environment’ of the client to be non-supportive of tumour cells.
  4. Provide an optimal wellness plan including dietary, lifestyle and supplementary advice.
I started seeing Diana after having breast cancer.  Diana was very understanding and made me feel at ease. She is friendly, thoughtful and above all else, thoroughly professional.  I would recommend Diana to everyone.

Lorraine Van Epen

I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I was treated with chemo and surgery to remove my stomach which left with me many digestive and bowel issues.  This was what lead me to find Diana. At the first consultation, I was impressed that Diana had taken the time to learn more of my surgery, what my body was going through and what it needed. She helped me to implement some changes and added some digestive aids. Very quickly my health began to improve.

Diana and I have now been working together on my health for several years. Diana’s knowledge and recommendations have been invaluable to me and I credit her with helping me to find my ‘new’ normal. I highly recommend Diana to anyone who is looking to improve, not only their health, but their overall wellbeing. As I believe, like me, you will never look back.


Detoxification Programs     

 Avoca Naturopath offers a variety of detoxification programs depending on individual requirements and goals. Personal health history and health goals determine which detox program is prescribed. 

All detoxification programs support the improvement of liver, bowel and digestive function,  and vary in length from 2 to 6 weeks. Detoxification is an important part of treatment for people interested in weight loss, fertility health, hormonal balance, reducing allergic reactions or those just wanting to improve energy and vitality. Detoxification programs are completed with a ‘maintaining wellness’ approach, outlining dietary guidelines and lifestyle advice for maintaining optimal health and well being. Avoca Naturopath regularly runs ‘Group detox’ programs which are motivating, fun and improve the health of the community, social or corporate group.

Group detox programs include: 1 hour consultation, professionally prescribed herbal medicine, organic herbal tea, comprehensive naturopathic dietary and lifestyle guidelines for a 2 week detox program.

During the 2 weeks, your body learns how to tap into it’s natural vitality which leads to longer lasting energy physically, emotionally and mentally.

Diana has used her expertise to prescribe supplements and herbal remedies that have eliminated my migraines and walked me through an individual detox program which gave me greater energy, inner health and a much brighter outlook on my daily life. I also participated in a collaborative two week ‘spring clean’ detox hosted by Diana and her colleagues. This was a fun way of kick starting spring with my family and friends in a group environment and lose those pesky last couple of kg’s ready for summer. 


I have known Diana for many years. I started seeing her again as my Naturopath back in September last year and she has been a positive influence in my life since then. After a detox, vitamin supplements, herbal mixtures, and nutritional advice, I have more energy and in the process lost 5 kg!

I highly recommend Diana Arundell as a naturopath, not only for her knowledge and experience, but also for her compassion and kindness shown – always treating me as an individual, giving me her time and our appointments never feel rushed. She really is a beautiful person! No research is too much for her and I look forward to obtaining more advice in the future for a healthy, happy life.

Thank you so much.


Children’s Health     

Children respond incredibly well to naturopathic treatment. Common ailments such as repetitive infection, eczema, bowel disturbance as well as sleep disturbance, concentration and behavioural challenges can be positively impacted by nutritional restoration and herbal medicine.

Diana has worked with babies as young as 2 weeks ranging all the way up to supporting teens through troublesome skin and anxiety issues.

Both of my daughters hold Diana in high esteem and have developed a lovely rapport with her. Over the past nine years my eldest daughter has been treated by Diana for childhood reflux and bronchitis and is currently working with her sleep onset anxiety. Diana guided her through a visualisation exercise and positive affirmation session which has worked wonders. Diana discussed and offered ideas as to how to develop a pre-sleep routine that is calm and relaxing preparing my daughter (and the rest of our family) for a sound restful sleep. Although this type of anxiety is ongoing Diana has also helped my daughter minimise the effects through vitamin and herbal remedies. 


Our first visit to Diana’s practice – Avoca Naturopath – was nine years ago. The week prior our baby daughter had just experienced a respiratory arrest in a doctors’ surgery and was whisked away in an ambulance. Her prognosis was good with the aid of ongoing prednisone and other chemical based medications. Reluctant and determined not to dose my baby with chemicals I sought Diana’s help. She treated my daughter with natural herbal remedies and resolved the cause of the issue as well as the immediate symptoms. In the months after, Diana worked with my daughter to build her immunity and respiratory system strength. Thankfully this ensured prevention of a repeat episode and my daughter is now a healthy ten year old.


My 11yo son and I have been benefiting from seeing Diana for a couple of years now. She is thorough, caring, supportive and determined to improve your health in a way that works for each person individually. I highly recommend Diana.


Sports Medicine  

Athletes require optimal nutrition for peak performance. Many athletes are deficient in various macro and micronutrients due to continual and extreme (in elite athletes) physical and mental stress on the body.

Specific dietary and nutritional education can make a significant impact on performance. For example many nutrients are involved in the production of energy in the body, and therefore are required in greater amounts due to the extended energy output of an athlete.

Professionally prescribed herbal medicine can work extremely effectively to restore lowered immunity due to extensive physical training.

I’m glad I found Diana @ Avoca Naturopath. suffering from grief, anxiety and low on energy I knew I needed help, thank you Diana for helping to turn my life around. I have just competed as a representative sports player for the first time in my life @ 47, anything is possible now. 


Hi Diana, I just wanted to let you know my knee(s) are going really well: almost pain free. It’s so minor I really can’t complain. So I want to thank you for the great advice and intervention you did, I’m so thrilled to be in this place of good health